Horseback riding to the Estuaries in Corrientes - Argentine Estancia Experience

A unique experience in the south of Corrientes province, surrounded by the wonderful Estuaries

  • Start Date : Request!
  • Hora Inicio: 9 am
    Hora Fin: 10 pm
  • Meeting Point:Esquina, province of Corrientes
    End: Esquina, province of Corrientes
  • Duration:4 days
    Availability: Last spot!
Residence Experience in Corrientes - Horseback Riding - Ranch Activities


New dates can be requested, minimum of 2 people. Ask us to add more days of duration.

4 days: Premium Estancia Experience at Esquina, Corrientes

Our proposal is raised in one of the best estancias in Corrientes. It won the prize for the best tourist stay granted by Lugares magazine, standing out for its beautiful hull and excellent services.

20 km away from Esquina, to the south of the province of Corrientes on the border with Entre Ríos, this estancia will be our operational base to carry out fun activities and photograph country life and nature in its purest form. Our proposal is to get to know different areas and activities of the ranch.

ITINERARY - Activities

Day 1: Arrival at the ranch

Check in available from 10.00 a.m. Transfer from the bus station in the city of Esquina to the estancia. (Transfer in not included)

We check in and start with a countryside breakfast. To get used to our horses, in the morning we will do a short ride of 1:30 hs. Lunch. In the afternoon we will participate in some work on the estancia with the gauchos to delve a little deeper into the tasks that are carried out on the ranch. It is also a great day to opt for a Carriage ride; surrounded by a subtropical natural environment of 4000 hectares. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Horseback riding to the east. An authentic Estancia in production. Distance 22 km.

Countryside breakfast. Departure on horseback to our Estero Pucu. Approximately 2 hours long. We will pass through different environments such as waterholes, rushes, lagoons, groves, etc. We arrive at the pier for lunch. Then, we board a canoe to observe the native fauna and flora of Corrientes. We use a "botador" to not make any kind of noise and thus be able to hear the sounds of the place. It is possible to observe alligators, capybaras, otters, and more than 200 species of birds (such as jacanas, herons, pollonas, chajaes, ducks, caracaras, etc.) Tea and dinner. Overnight.

Day 3: Horseback riding to the north. Corrientes River. Distance 22 km.

Countryside breakfast. On the way to the river, we pass through an old cemetery that dates back to 1850. Arriving at the place, we will take a walk along the beaches and the river cliffs to observe other types of birds and abundant vegetation. Carrero stew is offered for lunch. We take a boat ride on one of the cleanest rivers since in its 250 km long it does not pass through any city. Return to the Estancia. Tea and dinner. Overnight.

Day 4: Last day + Farewell

Countryside breakfast. Optional activities of your choice, you can see all the options available in "included services". Tea and dinner.

Transfer to the Esquina terminal for the bus to leave at 11 pm. (Transfer out not included)

OPTIONAL: You can spend the night at the Estancia and leave the next day in the morning, with no additional cost.

  • Price for 3 nights / 4 days, per person based on double, triple or quadruple.
  • Instead of horseback riding, you can choose to tour the establishment on a sulky.
  • The shifts are 4-6 hours a day, divided into 2-3 hours in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • Children under 2 years old do not pay.
  • Children from 3 to 10 years inclusive pay 50% of the rate.

Included Services
  • 3 nights of double or triple accommodation with private bathroom.
  • Full board from breakfast on day 1 to snack on the last day.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages at meals.
  • Daily activities according to itinerary.
  • Seasonal outdoor pool.
  • Free Wi-fi in common areas.
  • Parking lot.

Optional Activities:

  • Guided horseback riding:
    • "Introduction" horseback riding.
    • Cavalcade to the South. “Pucu Estero”. Distance 20 km.
    • Cavalcade to the North. "Current River". Distance 22 km.
    • Cavalcade "Corner". Distance 38 km.
  • Walk through the Estero in canoe to see birds, alligators and capybaras.
  • Guided carriage rides.
  • Participation in the activities of the gauchos.
  • Fishing with a hook or fly by boat in the lagoons of the estancia.
  • Shore fishing in the Corriente River.
  • Use of the own descent of boats to the Corriente River.
  • Hike along the Las Palmeras trail (3,000 meters).
  • Wild bird watching (up to 205 species)
  • Guided tour of the poultry farm, fruit tree farm, organic garden.
  • “El Boliche” with pool and ping-pong table. TV connected to DirecTV.
  • Swimming pool with barbecue.
  • Golf driving range.
  • Soccer field.

Services NOT included
  • Arrival and departure tickets to Esquina
  • Transfers from the Esquina terminal to the estancia
  • Alcoholic beverages in the room
  • Tips

Photo and Video Gallery

Where do you sleep

In the Estancia, in single, double or triple rooms




Do you have to horseback ride a lot per day?

The route is calm and without much demand. All the activities are optional and if you don't want to ride a horse, you can change between the other activities available.

Is it necessary to know how to ride a horse and/or have previous experience in the activity?

Definitely not. The horses are prepared to receive people who have never ridden and the learning process is significantly fast. The modality is "at pace", in expedition form, one horse behind the other, to advance through the undulating terrain.

What if I know how to ride a horse?

Those who have horseback riding experience will also have the possibility of having looser horses and being able to gallop and/or trot at times that the locals consider it appropriate, depending on the type of terrain.

Where do you spend the night?

Overnights are in the rooms of the Estancia, you can ask for a single, double or triple room.

Should I bring a large or a small backpack?

Each one must carry their personal luggage in a large bag or backpack.

What is the menu?

Typical foods of the area, such as barbacue, chicken or meat stew, vegetarian dishes, etc.

Required equipment

  • Small backpack
  • Large bag or backpack (which travels in the bus boxes)
  • Socks
  • 1 pair of shoes - trekking boots or riding boots
  • 1 pair of trainers
  • Sandals/flip-flops, crocks or similar
  • Long pants
  • T-Shirts or shirts (two long-sleeved)
  • 1 fleece or coat
  • 1 waterproof jacket
  • 1 sun hat
  • Swimming suit
  • Rain boots (optional)
  • Warm jacket.
  • Passport, ID
  • Medical travel insurance
  • Mosquito repellent (spray and cream)
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen, Lip Protector
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Flashlight with batteries.
  • Steel thermos
  • Largavista, monocle, binoculars. Photographic or video equipment.
  • Book, notebook, travel diary, pencil, pen.
  • Games; playing cards, dice, etc

Rental Equipment

Trekking sleeping bag

Booking in Advance

US$ 16 + options

Pair of Trekking Poles

Booking in Advance

US$ 10 + options

Rental mittens

Booking in Advance

US$ 8 + options

Pair of Crampons

Booking in Advance

US$ 15 + options

Rental : helmet, crampons and ice ax

Booking in Advance

US$ 36 + options

Combo Top: helmet, crampons, ice ax and full harness

Booking in Advance

US$ 50 + options

Category 3 sunglasses - Shepra Julbo Spectrom

Booking in Advance

US$ 5 + options

Backpack for trekking and mountaineering - Woman

Booking in Advance

US$ 10 + options

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