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The Incentive Trips are a global management tool increasingly valued by employees and used by companies to retain and encourage their staff. The particularity that distinguishes incentive trips is that they impact mentally and emotionally on people in such a way that they remain as a memorable stamp in the lives of those who live it. These unique travel experiences are key to building high performance teams. It is demonstrated that workers acquire a greater commitment and identification with the company after an unforgettable experience. What do incentive trips bring to the company?

The adventure is to carry a work team to places far away from the city, in direct contact with nature. In such scenario the context changes radically and individuals will have to adapt and rely on their individual and group skills to meet the challenges proposed (difficulty low, medium or high depending on the group) in the midst of the inmensity that nature offers us.

Incentive trips are personalized according to the specific requirements of each company and they are adjusted to the short and long term organizational strategies . All aspects of logistics are covered from the arrival to the destination, up to the last minute departure. These are some of the incentive travel programs that we can offer you:

Corporate Events

Team Building Programs are intended to motivate, integrate and discover leadership skills among the participants. Conducted in the experiential framework of the outdoor activities such programs are unforgettable experiences that contribute to improve and strength relationships of company's human resources within an atmosphere of distension outside the business area.

We offer a variety of team building programs customized according to the specific requirements of each company covering all aspects from the arrival to the destination.

Activities vary and may include all or some of the following:

Team Building programs duration: 1 and 2 days.

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