Double Ride Across the Andes, south of Mendoza. Argentina-Chile

A unique experience, on horseback, through the mountains of southern Mendoza

  • Place:

    Malargue, Mendoza
  • Region :

  • Modality :

  • Start Date :

  • Start Date :

  • Difficulty :

  • Distance :

    1400 km from Buenos Aires city
  • Duration :

    7 days
  • Initial time :

    1 pm
  • End Time :

    10 am
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The mythical path across the Andes…

A trip to the heart of the Andes in the south of Mendoza, where the mountains preserve large lagoons, waterfalls and eternal snows.

We ride on a cirular path. That means we never go through the same spot. We visit Chile for just one day  and we  start and finish our journey in the city of Malargue in Argentina.

Calendar 2019- 2020:
  • New Year´s Eve – 27th December to 2nd January 
  • 6th to 12th January 
  • 20th to 26th January
  • 3rd to 9th February
  • 17th to 23rd February 
  • 2nd to 8th March

Speacial dates can be requested for special groups of 10 people or more from December to March.


Day 1:  Malargue city, Mendoza. Reception at bus terminal at 1 pm or transfer from your hotel. Lunch, last travel arrengements and introduction of local guides.Transfer throught ruta 40 to Las Loicas. First part of the riding.

  • Riding time: 2 hours
  • Altitude of base camp: 1800 masl


Day 2: First day of riding. We will be getting closer to the heart of the Andes until we reach Cajon del Rezago, our base camp for this night.

  • Riding time: 6 hours
  • Altitude of base camp: 2300 masl


Day 3: Going south through different canyons , we wil have lunch at Puesto Sepulveda. In the afternoon, we wil arrive to Laguna Baya, our base camp and a serene oasis in the middle of the Andes.

  • Riding time: 6 hours
  • Altitude of base camp: 2500 masl


Day 4: The trail now  takes us to our neighbour's place: Chile. Once we get to the border landmark, we will get enough time to take pictures and celebrate for this great accomplishment. Crossing and descent to Laguna Carilauna.  In the afternoon we arrive to Laguna Negra. From this spot, we reenter Argentina to set our new base camp in a beautiful cascade, el salto de Panculehue. 

  • Riding time: 7
  •  Altitude of base camp: 2650 masl


Day 5: Riding through cajon Las Pomas, we will be descending east-west among long plains until we reach cajon del Guanaco where we will set our last camp.

  • Riding time: 7 hours
  • Altitude of base camp: 2350 masl


Day 6: Last day of our journey riding our horses until we get to the route that crosses Paso Pehuenche, path that marks the border between the two countries. Private transfer to Las Loicas and Migration to show our passports. Transfer to our hotel in Malargue. Farewell dinner.

  • Riding time: 3 hours

Day 7: Breakfast. End of our services.




Note 1: All horses are properly trained and prepared to ride in mountainous areas and our local guides have the best conditions and knowledge of the place. It is not necessary to have previous rider experience.

Note 2Active programme with medium-high demand and suitable apt for over 12, and under 65 years old (cases outside these age ranges will be evaluated). There are steep climbs and descents, but there are not places with risk of major falls. 

Note 3Program subject to climatic, geographical or political conditions. Modifications can occur in function of circumstances and diverse factors. The decisions will be taken exclusively by the local guides and tour leaders.

Note 4: Minors who do not travel with their parents must travel with a dependent adult and submit parental authorization certified by a notary. In case of traveling with one of the parents, they must present the authorization of the other one.

Note 5: All participants must present a medical certificate, where the attending physician authorizes him/her to do the activity.

Personal Accidents Insurance:

From the place of eventuality, we cover the primary medical assistance, stabilization of the passenger, evacuation costs and transfer to the nearest Medical Assistance Center . Once the passenger is entered into the health system, the coverage of the passenger Medical Insurance informed in the personal file online, starts working.

Included Services:

• Private -transfer from and to Malargue.

• Full board in the mountains (from lunch on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 7)

• 5 Nights of accommodation in base camp

• 1 night accommodation in 4 star-hotel

• Farewell dinner at the Hotel, with a non-alcoholic beverage included,

• Equipped horses and properly prepared for this type of mountain expeditions.

• Mandatory helmet

• Tents.

• General mountain safety equipment.

• General camping logistics (pots, heaters, security elements , etc.)

• Personal accident insurance.

• Satellite phone for emergencies

• Permanent assistance.

Services NOT included:
  • Trip to Malargue
  • Personal equipment (special sleeping bags can be rented)
  • Tips
Recommended Personal Equipment List:
MANDATORY REQUIRED EQUIPMENT *** (If this equipment is not taken, the guides reserve the right to define your participation)

Warm sleeping bag (minimum -10 degrees comfort) ***

Windbreaker waterproof parka with hood (in case it is not waterproof, please add in your equipment a  rain coat)***

Sun Glasses (recommended with UV protection, with protective strips). ***

Warm Gloves. (ski or mountain type) ***

National ID or Passport (as applicable) ***

Authorization in case of Minors *** (permission before notary  or before the authorities that correspond, according to the place of birth)

NOTE: The following is the list of required equipment according to layers, in reference to the mandatory technical equipment ***.




2 pairs of high socks

2 long sleeves shirts (for riding and for protection from the sun)

1 pair of thermal leggings (it can be made of lycra).

2 short sleeve t-shirts

1 buff / multifunctional headwear



2 long pair of trousers, if possible, for fast drying (trekking trousers without zippers and long thermal trousers or trousers - NO JEAN, NO CORDEROY)

2 sweaters or sweatshirts (recommended 1 fine polar + 1 thick polar) ***

1 polar or wool cap ***

1 pair of fleece gloves



1 Hooded windbreaker and waterproof windbreaker (recommended mountain parka ultrex, goretex or others.) ***

1 pair of coat gloves (ski or mountain type) ***




1 swimsuit

1 pair of footwear to rest your feet. (crocks, flip flops, alapargatas)

1 pair of high-top trekking shoes or riding boots, in case you do not have boots get leather spats ***

Front flashlight or small flashlight w / spare batteries ***

Sun Glasses (recommended with UV protection, with protective strips) *** ***

Bottle or container for water up to 1 liter, to drink.


Hygiene elements and personal care

Sunscreen (factor 40 or higher) ***

1 small towel

Wet wipes for sanitizing.

Personal medication

Moisturizing lotions

Lip balm

Brush and toothpaste set.

A small soap / shampoo

Toilet paper.



National ID ***

 Medical insurance***

Full personal file online ***


OPTIONAL, not mandatory (see space and weight)

 Feather coat jacket.

 SILVER TAPE tape, for repairs.

 Steel thermos

 Monocle. Photographic or video equipment

 Book, notebook, travel diary, pencil, pen



1.The personal equipment during the ride will be carried in the saddlebags. Do not carry backpack.

2.Do not bring: Insulated sleeping pad.

3.First aid kits  take only personal medication)

4.The use of HELMET provided by the company is mandatory.

5.The personal bags, with the rest of the luggage that does not go to the riding, can be left (safely) in the farm where we started.



  • Precio Reserva anticipada valido hasta el 06 de Septiembre

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